A better bank


Leandro Castelluccio

Disclaimer: This article does not represent financial advice.

There is a bank. But it is not just any bank. It is a special bank.

In this bank you can have an account where no type of commission is charged for keeping money there.

They do not ask for your documents to open an account. No proof of income, address or phone number is needed, and it doesn’t matter if you’re solvent or in debt. All you need is a mobile device or a computer and an internet connection.

There is no need to trust a third party to maintain the account, you are your own bank. Thanks to this, it is one of the most democratic banks that exists, and thanks to that, a growing number of people can be banked.

You never have to go in person because there are never any problems with this bank, nor with its ATMs, nor with deposits or transactions that do not arrive or fail, debit or credit cards that do not work, etc. This bank works perfectly, better than a Swiss watch.

There is no minimum or maximum deposit. A few pennies can be wired to someone else for virtually no cost and credited in a second, or instead send millions of dollars for fractions of what a traditional bank would charge, with final settlement in a few minutes.

At any time, you can send another person one thousand, five thousand, ten thousand, twenty thousand, fifty thousand, five hundred thousand, one million or billions of dollars, within the country where you are or anywhere in the world. Nobody can stop this transaction, block it, or censor it, it will simply be carried out regardless of the circumstances or the wishes of third parties. Nor do they ask you for documents for transferring such amounts, nor do you have to do special procedures. And it can be done at any time, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Banking hours are always.

This account also has other special qualities. Nobody can block it, close it down or confiscate the assets that are there. Absolutely nobody. Not the bank itself, not a thief, not the government, not law enforcement authorities under court order. Only oneself has access to the funds. Moreover, oneself is the true owner of the assets. Unlike other banks, this bank does not have a credit in your favor and does not use your money to lend it or invest it in other things. Your funds are your exclusive property. No one can ever block your access to your bank account, even if you are a political dissident.

For the first time in history there is a place where nobody can expropriate your assets, unlike a house, money in a traditional bank or cash that can be stolen. The funds of this bank are not seizeble.

They also cannot be hacked. To try to steal them, a person would have to spend billions of dollars every so often, and it is getting more and more expensive to try, making it unfeasible even for powerful nations that wanted to access your account.

In turn, it is also not necessary to trust a third party to ensure that your funds are protected, you can do it on your own with a few simple steps.

If you travel, you don’t have to worry about customs seizing your money if you carry more than allowed, because with this bank you can take all your savings anywhere in the world and access them anywhere. It has branches everywhere. What’s more, if there ever was a war, or the government of your country became a dictatorship, or there was a natural disaster that caused you to leave your nation, your funds would remain safe, and you could leave knowing that your savings are still accessible anywhere on the planet.

Unlike other banks, the assets in this account do not lose value over time due to devaluation and inflation, moreover, the purchasing power of the funds is maintained and increases in the long term. By having the money in this bank, you can buy more and more things for less, forever.

So much so, that the accounts of this bank have the best profitability in all of history and exceed the returns of any other type of financial asset. It gives more returns than investing in real estate, the stock market, treasury bonds or commodities such as gold, and without the risk associated with a house losing value if the location becomes unattractive or if a company has a bad directive and incur in some ethical or legal scandal and their actions end up being devalued. It is an account with a conservative and safe profile, and the most profitable.

Thanks to the properties of this bank, where assets are worth more and more over time, an economy that used it as a base would discourage the consumption of superfluous and unnecessary things, increasing savings and the long-term development of products that really have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Our time preferences change. We reduce superfluous consumption because we can obtain something more valuable in the future. At the same time, unlike today’s fiat-based economy, using this special bank, people would need to work less and less to earn the same amount, would have more free time, and could retire more and more at a younger age, unlike modern pension reforms, by protecting economic productivity, which is absorbed by the bank in the form of interest on the ever-increasing price of assets in the account.

In this way, the gains in the economic activity of people and companies in all parts of the world benefit everyone for the first time in history.

The protection of the savings offered by this bank is such that, in the last 5 years, both the dollar and the euro have lost 99 percent of their purchasing power in relation to the funds of this bank. This means that in the long term, if your money had been in this bank, today you would have much more than if you had kept it in dollars or euros in a traditional bank, in the supposedly strongest currencies in the world that the governments assure us are stable, reliable and do not have major risks.

In this bank, the account is durable, the money that is deposited there today will be available for decades without any type of loss or degradation, surpassing the qualities of gold in practically all its attributes.

The bank cannot issue money out of thin air for free, which does happen with the dollar or the euro in traditional banks, causing them to devalue. Creating a new monetary unit in this bank takes a lot of energy and is scheduled to be at an ever-decreasing rate and with a maximum limit of circulating supply, which can never be exceeded. This makes the bank the scarcest monetary asset ever, even more scarce than gold.

No entity, not even governments, can change the bank’s monetary policy, the rules are extremely difficult to modify and require the consensus of tens of thousands of users who are part of it.

This account can be left as an inheritance for the children and the family, and nobody can prevent it, and in this way generational wealth can be built.

At this point you may think that this is an imaginary bank, a fantasy, but in reality, it exists, it is called Bitcoin, and as you can see, it far exceeds the traditional system in all these characteristics mentioned.

Bitcoin is not only a better monetary asset, but also a superior banking and financial system. For these reasons and many others, more and more people prefer it, being adopted exponentially by institutions and individuals seeking a technology superior to fiat money and the traditional banking system.

This bank has the potential to help you acquire the home you want without borrowing or mortgaging the property, it has the potential to offer financial freedom for you and your family, and for future generations. Especially now that its market capitalization is half a trillion dollars at the time of this writing, while having the potential to reach a global value of one hundred, two hundred or more trillion dollars, as it sucks value out of other assets with lower capacity of holding value.

Bitcoin is freedom money in its entirety. It has the potential to change our vital priorities and allows us to focus on what really matters. In Bitcoin one discovers that one is facing the monetary future of the 21st century.

If you want to know more about Bitcoin you can visit the website: bitcoin.org

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