“All sentient beings but, in particular, human beings, have the power to distinguish between happiness and suffering, good and bad, what is harmful and what is beneficial. Because of that ability to recognize and differentiate between these different types of feelings, we are all similar in wanting happiness and not wanting suffering.

Although here I cannot go into the complexity of tracing the origin of how these different types of feelings develop, but what is obvious and clear to all of us is that we do have this appreciation of happiness and disliking toward the experiences of pain and sufferings. Therefore, it is extremely important to lead a life that brings harmony and peace and that doesn’t bring disturbance and turmoil.

When it comes to the question of achieving peace and happiness, it is wrong to think that all our peace and happiness come just from external material prosperity. Through relying on material facilities, it is possible that we can enhance our physical happiness and pleasures and remove some of our physical difficulties. But what we derive from material facilities is limited to the experience of the body.”

Read the full article at: https://studybuddhism.com/en/essentials/universal-values/leading-a-meaningful-life

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